A Culture of Service

Loyola Academy of St. Louis is incredibly grateful to welcome over 100 volunteers to campus each week. From building reading comprehension with students in the morning to helping them study for upcoming tests in the evening, the individualized support our volunteers provide makes an incredible and long-lasting impact. Thank you to our volunteer community for their generosity and the continuous joy they bring our students!

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Our community is always seeking new volunteers to ensure that every student is fully supported! Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator to learn more about service opportunities and find your best fit at Loyola Academy of St. Louis.

Volunteer Coordinator

Tim Plunkett: [email protected]

Volunteer Opportunities

Independent Reading

Build comprehension skills with a student while reading a book of their choice.


Lead an Enrichment course twice a week. Learn more about previous Enrichment courses here.


Help a student study or with their homework during Study Hall.

Library Assistance

Library volunteers help students grow their love of reading and nurture their literacy skills.


Assist the Development Team with upcoming community and fundraising events.

Share Your Talents

Give a presentation, coach a sport, participate in school events, or more!

Volunteer Reflection

By Laurie C., Tutor

It is 3:40 PM on a Monday and I ask myself, “Why do I volunteer at Loyola?” The 45 minute drive each way for an hour-long tutoring session seems like a poor decision…that is until I arrive. Each week I witness the overwhelming dedication of the teachers, staff, and administrators to the academic and moral education of the Loyola students. I am humbled by the dedication of the Loyola parents who face two trips to campus daily, often with a similar long commute, but with the addition of tired and hungry students and siblings in tow.

Finally the students themselves impress me. This is my second year working with my student (currently in 7th grade) who, when I asked him the difference between his previous school and Loyola Academy, replied, “I work harder and sometimes only get a B than I used to for an A. Oh and I get a lot less sleep!” Yet, he and his family, and the rest of his class, chose to return to Loyola for another year.

I have seen his work ethic improve and his goals expand beyond high school to striving for a top university. It is pure joy to share in his pride over his accomplishments when his hard work pays off. As I leave Loyola at 5:30 PM, avoiding the stampede of middle-school boys amid a chorus of “Excuse me, excuse me,” I am always lighter than when I arrived. The inspiration that I find in those halls somehow shortens the drive home, every time.