Through Loyola's Graduate Support program...

78% of Loyola Academy Alumni Matriculate into College

Loyola’s Director of Graduate Support meets with students and families regularly to help them stay on track and to assess needs as they arise in order to ensure academic success.

95% of Loyola Men Graduate from High School

One hundred percent of Loyola graduates are accepted into local college preparatory high schools.

Your support in helping us reach our Goals is Appreciated

Alumni are supported (socially, academically and financially) throughout all four years of high school. 

We're Not Just a School, We're a Family...For Life

Alumni are also able to return regularly to Loyola’s campus for tutoring, to utilize technology and simply to have a safe place to study and visit with other graduates.

Loyola Men are Bold, Smart, Strong, Brave and Courageous

Alumni are expected to complete volunteer service hours at Loyola to give back to the school for the support they receive throughout their high school careers.


Loyola Academy of St. Louis is, in total, an 11+ year program as each graduate is supported through three years of middle school, four years of high school and four years of college. Each student receives the critical support needed to successfully transition from middle school to high school and from high school to college. Loyola Academy’s Director of Graduate Support visits each high school on a monthly basis checking in with our alums making sure they stay on track for academic success. Currently, Loyola alumni graduate from high school at a rate of 95%and matriculate into college at a rate of 78%! Review stories of alumni success by clicking the button below.

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We’re not just a school…


We’re a family…for life…