2022-2023 Financial Summary

Loyola Academy of St. Louis is continuously grateful for our community of support! Thank you to the many individuals, community members, and corporate partners who donate their time, talent, and treasure to our programming. The following graphs depicts the financial summary for the 2022-2023 school year.

Operating Revenue

Operating Expenses

2022-2023 Public Support

Individual Contributions: $3,376,300

Grants: $649,500

Events: $460,109

In-Kind Contributions: $23,976

Total Public Support: $4,509,885

2022-2023 Program Revenue

Tuition and Fees: $64,605

State Lunch Program: $63,362

Other Revenue: $6,545

Total Program Revenue: $134,512

Total Public Support and Revenue: $4,644,397

2022-2023 Operating Expenses

Program: $2,273,670

Management and General: $400,491

Fundraising: $393,272

Total Expenses: $3,067,433