Core Values of Loyola Academy



Participate by listening, thinking, and then contributing. Engage my full brain in the work of every assignment. Seek all opportunities to increase my knowledge and skills.

Man for Others

Name and own all of my mistakes. Make choices that genuinely help others to succeed. Share my belongings and my space.

Do My Best

Use coping strategies when needed. Try again if I have failed before. Follow directions the first time.

God is My Foundation

Speak kindly to and treat fairly all of God’s creation. Pray for guidance, wisdom, fortitude, and forgiveness. Assume the best of others and seek to see God in them.

A Word From

Dr. Clark

Dr. H. Eric Clark - President, Loyola Academy of St. Louis

What a year! I am proud of what is being accomplished in the lives of the young men we are blessed to serve. Through the faithful dedication of donors, volunteers and community partners like you, Loyola Academy of St. Louis effectively navigated through the unprecedented circumstances, brought on by the pandemic. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, students, and families of Loyola Academy, we are pleased to share our year in review!

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Loyola Academy of
St. Louis: Serving the whole child

The young men we are so blessed to serve are kind, smart, funny, handsome, goofy, respectful, and destined for greatness. Thank you for your support and for your investment in their future.

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