Chris Deloch, Class of 2010

Chris Deloch is a true example of a Man for Others and a scholar-athlete! After graduating from Loyola Academy in 2010, Chris attended De Smet Jesuit High School where he made honor roll all four years while balancing his academics and participation in multiple sports. He then went on to win two championships playing for the Missouri Cyclones semi-pro football team. Chris currently plays for the Central Illinois Cougars and serves as a Skills Coach for both De Smet Jesuit High School and Elite Speed. He is in the process of creating his own football training business to further help players develop their skills.

Growing up, Chris’s grandfather always reminded him to “be the change.” His words have continued to inspire Chris and his calling to give back to the youth in his community. 

After returning to De Smet Jesuit High School as a football coach, Chris’s mother encouraged him to return to Loyola Academy as well. In his first basketball season back at Loyola Academy, Chris helped lead the alumni team to their first championship and is setting a strong foundation for the upper-elementary team.

Chris has taken our 4th and 5th graders under his wing by sharing his own experience as a student at Loyola Academy. He often reminds them to take advantage of the opportunities Loyola Academy offers and focuses on teaching them skills beyond the basketball court. By encouraging them to look at the bigger picture, Chris highlights their growth in leadership, responsibility, and accountability. He instills in them that how they treat others is how they will be treated and who they are in the classroom carries into the gym.

“Just to see the smiles on their faces and the joy they have when they see me, lets me know that I am doing something right and I am impacting their lives in a huge way.”

Chris shared that the best part of volunteering at Loyola Academy is that he was able to come back “home.” Though some small things have changed since 2010, the traditions, principles, and structure remain the same. Looking back, Chris is grateful to be a graduate of Loyola Academy.

“I honestly don’t know where I would be without Loyola; this school has made me the man I am today. Dr. Clark has made a big difference in my life, so it was only right that I came back home and make a difference in those students’ lives, anyway and the best way I can.”

Chris hopes to follow our youngest students as a coach throughout their entire time at Loyola Academy. We are grateful to have him as a positive role model in our community and look forward to cheering him on as he continues to serve our students!