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The following is a testimony from a Loyola Academy graduate who graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis in May 2012.  Josh just recently joined the Loyola staff as the Community Resources Coordinator.

“One of the many things that make Loyola Academy so valuable is its dedication to building character in addition to knowledge. Loyola Academy’s unique services; small class sizes, service oriented extended hours, tight-knit community and rigorous high school prep curriculum, affordable to those who could otherwise not afford it, have become the mechanisms behind my own character, driving my own destiny. After graduating from Loyola Academy, I continued attending schools with small class sizes. Small group discussions and active involvement became me as I fostered the necessary skills to compete, network and interact with those who make a difference. I went on to attend the nation’s most “Service Orientated-School” where over 80% of the students participate in community service. I graduated with a degree in Sociology, Anthropology and a love of people, community and its well-being. The dedicated humanitarian that I am today is a direct result of the path Loyola sent me down. And it was destiny that returned me home to Loyola Academy to continue serving that mission for my community.”

(Josh below with the Loyola Academy Class of 2012 in April 2012 at Rhodes College)

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